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Press Release on Violence against Rohingya and Kamen minority by Rakhine in Arakan

06:47 pm Oct 03, 2013 13998

The premeditated mass-attack by the Rakhine extremists with collaboration of Burmese authority against the defenseless minority Rohingya and Kamen in Thandwe township of Arakan has begun since last Saturday 28th June 2013. The violence has been in full spree across Rohingya and Kamen villages according to our sources supplied from inside Arakan. So far, 25 innocent people including women and children have been reported dead during violence, scores have been seriously injured, their properties and houses have been grounded and religious sites have been burnt down at the very presence of security forces. Rakhine extremists have been fully equipped with lethal weapons and instruments.

Rohingya and Rakhine are two sister community living in Arakan, present western part of Burma (Myanmar) long before Burmese annexation in 1784. Rohingyas confess Islam while Rakhines are Buddhists by faith. The renewed attack against minority people comes amidst of Thein Sein’s first official visit to Arakan. It is suspected that the recent attack is carried out upon green light from central authority to show the solidarity with the Rakhine extremists through heinous intention of garnering full support from Rakhine community for next general election to be held in 2015.

The military dominance quasi-democracy government led by Ex. general Thein Sein has been continuously deceiving the international community about the maltreatment and crime against humanity towards Rohingya minority time and again. His cabinet member and Foreign Minister plainly mislead at UN general assembly that there is no place for perpetrators of ethnic violence and religious extremism while people are still openly being killed, villages are being on arson besides many intolerable restrictions imposed on Rohingyas in Arakan. In ground and reality, the central government is fully supporting extremist Rakhines and covering their daily crimes since violence eruption in June of 2012. The criticism of Time Magazines article on pioneer terrorist Wira Thu by president office is an explicit example of support for extremism against different race and faith.

As of Tuesday evening, government has imposed down-to-dust curfew targeting solely Rohingya people and squared them off within its zone. Apart from that, it surely provides extremists more leeway to continue attack and be victorious in cleansing the Rohingya. The tactics applying by both Rakhine and Regime in alliance here is very similar to clampdown in Maung Daw Township of Arakan in June 2012.  Rakhine mobs set the houses on fire and the residence will be forced to come out of the houses just to get killed by the security forces waiting outside the houses.

The European Rohingya Council (ERC) strongly denounces Thein Sein’s plan of cleansing Rohingya and kamen minority from their soil from Arakan State while he advocates about restoration of democracy, human rights and peace.  The ERC calls upon international communities, UN, OIC and ASEAN to pressure Thein Sein government to immediately stop the violence against minority Rohingya people and protect-


The life of innocent people and their belonging. Rohingyas have long been victims of violence and violation of every fundamental right since the independence gained from British in 1948.

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Khairul Amin
The European Rohingya Council (ERC)
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